New Music – Luna Kings ‘Run For Cover’

Luna Kings are a four piece band based out of Leeds, consisting of Dan Seviour on vocals and guitar, Stewart Thomson on lead guitar, Ian Hutchinson on Bass guitar, and Pete Devine on drums. Formed in 2013 this band has a relatively small repertoire of songs, but an already strong distinctive sound. Though only a handful of songs are available, listeners will find their appetite intrigued for the upcoming E.P, as each one has the potential to be a strong stand alone single.

Their most recent single Run For Cover has a compelling introduction of crunching guitars and heavy drums. It is the dynamic guitar hooks and infectious energy that define this track and is a staple signature for Luna Kings music. There is a definitely an eighties vein running through the inspiration for this song and their songs in general. Seviour has a very appealing dynamic voice that again reflects the eighties pop sound.

The lyrics embody a very current feeling of unrest and inequality in a surprisingly catchy way. Run For Cover has a base of desperation and melancholic anarchy in the lyrics, over run with punchy drums and steadfast conviction in the performance. Luna Kings have a sound that you can feel, and one that most certainly should be heard in a live setting.

Currently recording their EP, Luna Kings will be playing at 360 Club at The Library in Leeds on the 16th January 2015. I suggest you catch them while they can.

Words by Gloria McNeely

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