New Music – Maybelleen ‘Time Machine’

Maybelleen’s latest single ‘Time Machine’ does what it says on the tin. Listening to Maybelleen is like taking a trip into a time gone past, where pop was fun loving, easy and free. The single is peppered with an uptempo drum machine that may as well be the clapping hands of the boogieing teens getting hyped up on soda pop and dancing along. The guitar is jaunty and playful with a consistent melody throughout the song exploding into an orgasmic little breakdown at around the two minute mark. The simple melody and repetitive lyrics make the song seem instantly familiar and easily sung along too.

What Maybelleen excel at is sounding clean, squeakily so. Even when the song is distorted and crackling with psychedelia, it still has that warm, fuzzy, pretty feeling too it. It’s like making out with someone who’s really scarily attractive, you just close your eyes and try to forget how out of your league you’re playing it here. This single smells amazing, it doesn’t have a single spot on its face and its hair is as soft as candyfloss. So start chewing some gum and slick back your cowslick because you’re in for quite the ride.

‘Time Machine’ is dreamy, it’s catchy and it’s fun but it also runs the risk of becoming overly repetitive and boring. It’s the kind of song that will either leave you completely cold, pulling out your hair or tapping your foot and smiling. It’s a marmite kind of track is what we’re trying to say. You’ll either fall head over hills in dizzy love with its infectious melodies or you won’t. But it is definitely worth a listen.

Words by Matt Miles

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