Premiere – Phantom Wilds ‘Wildfire’

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A new premiere for you to get your teeth into. We have the pleasure of introducing you to ‘Wildfire’, the first single from Phantom Wilds’ debut album due for release in August. Having formed in a small room in guitarist Ron VanDon’s house at the tail end of 2017, the band have quickly found themselves set on a sound derived from shoegaze, Post-rock and indie influences. The Lubbock, Texas based quartet now offer the first instalment of the new album campaign, one that should put their name in lights.

‘Wildfires’ has an instantly American alt pop/rock feel about it, reminiscent of many bands from the mid 00s. However as the choruses develop a more sullen and melodic feeling washes over the track with a certain beauty that is built on full, luscious guitars and a graceful vocal. ‘Wildfires’ almost has a ballady feeling to it with strong energy and deep, reflective lyricism. By the end, ‘Wildfires’ has grown through a massive crescendo of noise and highlights an ability within the band to write thoughtful, dynamic rock music. A superb introduction to a band that will only go up from here.

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