New Music – Winston Surfshirt (Featuring Young Franco) ‘Complicated’

With a groove so chunky and saucy it’ll leave you salivating, Winston Surfshirt deliver a falsetto fused banger with beast mode bars cooked to perfection in the centre.

Strutting onto your speakers with the swaggering bass the synthy sound soon soaks the listener in feel good vibrations. The six piece collective dazzle on the beat served up by Young Franco. It is pure audial orgasmic bliss.

Lyrically it dances with a confident flourish and flex flirting with the simple act of flirtation. A love song that knows that no means no but is willing to prostrate itself on the altar of affection.

There is a disco feel to the track, especially in the Beegees esque vocals that makes it almost impossible not to bust a move.

When it switches into rap for the middle verse there is an authentic and audacious energy that bubbles to the surface and reimagines the sound completely.

Few songs instantly grab your ear and worm into your head with such an addictive boogie and honest infectious joy.

Whether the song is addressed to the listener or a love interest, we will happily dance with you Winston Surfshirt, anytime, anywhere.

Words by Matt Miles

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