New Music – Tired Cossack ‘Pea Roll Along’

With its shaking quaking bass and juddering jangle of the guitar riff this track weaves a tasty tune that grooves underfoot of the weighted poetic lyricism.

The song has this bubbling effervescence that creates this fizzy fuzzy ecstasy to every note. It is at odds with the tone and content of the words, but the juxtaposition creates for dissonant and deviously fascinating music.

The cowboy croon of the vocals has just enough twang in its cadence to lend credence to the gunslinger wisdom of the narrative. Lyrically it takes inspiration from old Ukrainian folk-tales which it modernises skilfully to present a track that touches on anxiety, loneliness, and the ever present tendency to paint nostalgia with greener grass tones.

As your ears bounce from the rumbling rhythm to the cuttingly sharp and poignant prose, it’s easy to get lost in the world the soundscape creates. At times it seems seemingly random and dream like skipping from one idea to the next to leave the listener always guessing.

It’s a track that defies label or genre. It has the easy bop of indie, the hardened musicality of grunge or post-punk, and the poetry and narrative of country blues. It mixes and merges its influences with wizardry so you cannot even see the seams.

Words by Matt Miles

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