New Music – Treeboy & Arc ‘Logistical Nightmare’

Stomping in with a staggering swaggering wonky little guitar riff, Logistical Nightmare has a slightly off-kilter edge that marries beautifully with the lyrical content and poetic post-punk delivery. The guitars rock through blistering flourishes that slip and slide into place creating a jagged and mountainous soundscape that towers over the listener creating a picture perfect postcard vista.

The lyrics are dripping with sardonic wit, it’s spoken word poetry with razor sharp teeth. The delivery reminds of bands like Devo or The Talking Heads, whose lyrics take centre stage presenting snapshot imagery and insight into the people and scenes that birthed them. Each line is progressively more venomous than the last, and the passion of the pen bleeds through each and every one.

The guitars skip and bop merrily through the track, growling and pouncing in places and slinking back into more subtle serenade in others. They have this thunderous energy that you normally hear in math rock or prog bands. When the instrumentation peaks there is this whirlwind chaotic energy to it with each playing its part perfectly.

The drums provide a heartbeat that beckons incredibly enticingly onto the dancefloor and with arms swinging abandon I can easily see myself skanking out to this. Their fury reaches fevered pitches to meet the luscious guitar work.

The song paces itself well and each section offers something new. This is a band that put a lot of care and craft into the narrative and progression and it sings out through the soundscape and scope of the track. It also speaks volumes of their skill and attention to detail which implies promising potential when it comes to the structure and sound of the forthcoming EP.

Words by Matt Miles

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