New Music – The VANNS ‘How Was I Supposed To Know’

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These guys are our favourite Aussie indie-rock band of 2018. Hailing from NSW, The VANNS were formed in 2013, starting life as a party band that quickly found themselves becoming serious. Their most recent EP, ‘Shake The Hand That Picks The Fight’, was a serious statement from a band that are ready to make their mark on the alt rock world.

The VANNS brand new single, ‘How Was I Supposed To Know’, was produced by Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy, Ali Barter, Alex Lahey), and is one of the band’s most accomplished and commanding tracks to date. Whilst maintaining their trademark gritty riffs, The VANNS come through intertwining heavier themes with huge, melodic hooks and chord progressions that underlines their ambitions to break into the more mainstream consciousness in the UK and beyond.

Speaking on the track, singer and guitarist Jimmy Vann states: “It’s about the collapse of a relationship and the frustration, confusion and envy that comes along with seeing the one you love moving on easily in every way, whilst you’re still caught up in what was.”

Get ready to hear a lot more from these upstarts in 2018.

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