New Music – The Pleasure Dome ‘Pretty Picture’

The Pleasure Dome is the kind of punk that could easily become an art exhibit. It has this effortless cool and self awareness that helps it pop vividly out of the static on your new music stream.

New track ‘Pretty Picture‘ explodes onto the airwaves with a Doc Martin booted kick that splinters through your ear drum and starts a circle pit in your mind.

Lyrically it paints a ‘Pretty Picture’ poetically and powerfully. Strong imagery with venomous punk delivery. The catchy hook is left to wiggle its of in to get stuck in your head and caught in your lower lip.

The song tackles the vapid and anxiety inducing fake lives that most of us lead online. It’s only right for a song looking for authenticity to have a strong punk flavour.

The music is literally buzzing with an energy and passion that would short circuit the stage equipment live. This will be one of the first gigs I book coming out of this madness.

The guitar solo that whips up at 2 minutes shows that this isn’t just growling guitars and ferocity, there is a wicked wizardry sitting at the heart of it.

It brings to mind bands like McClusky or modern punk revivalists Idles. The soundscape of instruments create chaotic order painted prettier with viciously vivid lyrics.

Words by Matt Miles

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