New Music – Afflecks Palace ‘This City Is Burning Alive’

They claim that they’re the spearhead of a Nu-Madchester revival, sharp and pointed, it’s well aimed, powerfully thrown, and sure to pierce the armour of the unsure.

It begins with a jolly little skipping guitar lick that instantly reminds of The Stone Roses. It has an effortless cool to it that isn’t lessened by its poppier appeal.

As the song progresses, it morphs and evolves showing off the new twist these boys are putting into the sound. A psychedelia infused into the very bones of it.

This is young talent, it’s ravenously hungry and it’s wielding sharp wits and experimental sounds.

Lyrically it’s not afraid to rage wildly abstract holding conversations with pelicans, but then it draws itself back in for the chorus with simple and universal language.

The song has three distinct sections and each has its own sound and influence. Yet they weave them together effortlessly and the whole is richer for it.

Afflecks Palace are organising themselves a self promoted tour and Yack are already looking at what date would work for us because it’s selling out fast.

This is a sound that still sparkles, and the rainbow psychedelia that beams through from the heart of the prism soundscape is breathtakingly gorgeous.

Afflecks Palace clearly have a lot of love, knowledge, and respect for those that came before them, and they’re building something even bigger from those foundations.

Words by Matt Miles

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