New Music – The New Righteous Mood ‘Sleepwalker’




What a belter this one is from Birmingham’s The New Righteous Mood. As part of the ‘New Righteous Tunes’ EP, the lastest single ‘Sleepwalker’ is, in the band’s words, “an ode to a friend I had who became very lonely and lived a life that people were judgemental about. The song is a reassurance to them that no matter how bad it might seem, they’ll always have a friend to turn to.”

‘Sleepwalker’ has some vintage pop tunes rolled in with a feel good rock ‘n’ roll sound that create this totally carefree, and undeniable catchy tune. The hook is as infectious as they come and one that will almost certainly be stuck with you for days to come. The guitars almost go under the radar, but their bright, simplistic brilliance should not be overlooked.

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