New Music – Come At The King ‘Old Town Fighter’




Come At The King, indie rock n rollers from London, have just released their new single ‘Old Town Fighter’. Described by the group themselves as “a tale of my small, home-town people, caught up in their own little world looking out for themselves, with the ingrained narrow minded views unable to see the bigger picture”.

It’s a rollicky number clearly drawing inspiration from the bluesy American indie sound of the early 00s such as Kings of Leon, the White Stripes and Black Keys. The vocals tinged with a grunge influence don’t overshadow some great guitar work and there is a healthy dose of early Oasis in the closing guitar solo. It’s a promising track showing off some great musicianship and a clear ear for a solid hook and clearly whets the appetite for more from the London lads who are sure to be a hit on the live circuit. It’s a refreshing throwback to earlier rock n roll and blues influenced indie that has perhaps faded from the scene in recent years, here’s hoping that they keep these influences going forward.


Words by Chris Connor

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