New Music – The Montreals ‘RUDE’




Off the back of debut EP ‘Indigo Club’ earlier this year, Aussie four piece The Montreals are following up with their latest track ‘RUDE’. The band have already attracted the attention of radio stations and Spotify playlists the world over and now have one last offering for us to wrap our ears around in 2018.

‘RUDE’ is a fun dose of indie-pop that sparks comparisons to the likes of Yack! favourites Gus Dapperton and Parcels. The guys continue to keep it real with their signature sound shining through on this new release and their energy and clever, dynamic songwriting  being rolled into one superb morsel of sound for us to consume.

The song’s themes are pretty clear cut from the jump; pouring grievances, no matter their size into a 3:55 slice of indie rock that you can really get behind.

Speaking on the track the band state “If you are rude to wait staff, that is tra$h. If you use AMEX to pay for coffee, that is tra$h. There’s an epidemic of rude people – so ‘RUDE’ is a montage of events dedicated to that.” and they continue “The recording process came at a hectic time of year for all of us – we could barely get four of us in a bloody room together! It was real cute to finally round up the rabble in our little recording oasis away from the real world…we’ve learnt to make sure to take time for ya m8s.” 

The release of ‘RUDE’ is demonstrative of the band’s eclecticism and a clear, new facet of their artistry. The Montreals are chomping at the bit with this single, ready to capitalise on the momentum generated through 2018 with vigour and flair.


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