New Music – The Best Around ‘Who’s Gonna Love You Now?’

With irreverent wit and heaps of cheeky charm The Best Around manage to perfectly chart the humbling experience of growing up and the wisdom that comes with it. Gorgeous guitar work and a bouncy bass line underscore this poetic and punchy indie rock anthem.

The track starts with the jolly jangling of the guitar that sets an uplifting tone. It is simple but with a great deal of emotive feel at the core of it. This is soon joined with a thumping bass line which adds the heartbeat and the lyrics that begin to paint the lyrical theme of the piece.

The vocals are warm and charming, happily skipping through the melodies and with a bluesy twang that dives up and down in range to punctuate each line.

Lyrically it is witty and humorous but with enough of a tender treatment to offer up some honest wisdom as well. It’s a song about growing up, instead of relying on the energy and confidence that makes up the beauty of our youth, it instead offers the blueprint for a deeper and more meaningful existence.

It doesn’t hit you over the head with its message, instead with tongue firmly in cheek it offers up its poetic and profound message playfully. It pokes fun at relationships that are based on more than just physical attraction but with the same breath champions them with great reverence.

The chorus provides the perfect culmination for all that has come before but with a cheeky little hook that invites the listener to sing-along and laugh in equal measure. Their are so many deviant and delightful lines in the song but the chorus as it should picks the peak of the pen.

“Who’s gonna love me now? Just you and my mother.”

The Best Around are the kind of band that can take some that on paper might seem insulting or crass but deliver it with the tender and cheeky hand that allows the humour and humble beauty to shine through.

This is a song about becoming more mature and in perfect syncopation with the message the song writing itself is incredibly nuanced and mature. It’s poetic, powerful, playful, and profound.

If you like the song, head over to The Best Around BandCamp page to pre-order the EP.

Words by Matt Miles

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