New Music – Tacsidermi ‘Ble Pierre’

Like a painter reinventing the modern classic Tacsidermi create a gorgeously rich and vibrant soundscape using intricate brush strokes you’ve likely never seen before.

It’s psychedelia via way of the art gallery. Dazzling colours that dance vividly atop a canvas of smooth grooves.

Every note lingers leaving a sweetness that perfumes the track. The beautifully soft vocal delivery melts into the soundscape effortlessly.

It evokes French art pop in sound but the Cymraeg of the lyrics pops with a new vogue frequency that has been woefully untapped. It is enchanting, and to this English ear, it is a mystic and timeless evocation of ancestry and ancient rolling green forests.

We weren’t able to translate the lyrics but the vocal delivery is incredibly emotive and it feels like a song of longing. Love lost. A summer’s fling or unrequited affection.

The weaving of the instrumentation is masterful, the production is faultless. It has this huge full sound while realistically there isn’t that much going on. What is there is deployed with flourish though and each beat, note, and melody sings all the louder for the attention to detail an placement.

Ble Pierre’ has a timeless quality that it is easy to get lost in. It is the painting hanging in the gallery that you find yourself absorbed into. The painter and period don’t matter, as you gaze into infinity, bathing in the connection.

There is no period marking or genre to Tacsidermi, they would have been just as hip and delicious in the sixties as they are today. It’s gorgeous music made with passion, poetry with notes, art through headphones.

Words by Matt Miles

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