New Music – Hawker ‘Chaka’

If a sound could get pregnant and Nirvana, Hole, and Tool had a sonic child then Hawker might be that mutant offspring.

Slithering in from the deep with Chthulu doom energy, this is a primal and ungodly sound that delights in the chaos it weaves.

It’s a huge sound built on monumental riffs, pounding drums, and bleeding throat vocals. The emotionality of the lyrics and the powerful passion behind the pen is impossible to ignore as the blood and spit crackle against the mic.

The song riles up and rallies against the righteousness of the white knight culture and fake compassion that dominates mainstream digital reality.

The instrumentation is just as angsty and turbocharged as the vocals and lyrics that crowd surf atop it. With relentless energy and feverish aggression.

Hawker doesn’t sound like it belongs to this decade or any other either. Brought to us on cosmic winds howling through a dimensional riff rift, it emerges terrifying in stature, still dripping in primordial sludge.

Words by Matt Miles

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