New Music – Supertaste ‘Neon Prayer’

It’s synthy, it’s sexy, it’s supercharged with neon glow. New track ‘Neon Prayer’ by Supertaste is a gourmet serving, at just under 3 minutes it might still leave you hungry, but the presentation and stingy portion size is sure to get it rave reviews on the 5* eating circuit.

It begins in outer space with the slow build of some intergalactic space synth slowly coalescing in the lightstream. As it comes together it’s joined by the clipped and robotic eternal rhythm of the drumbeat. The sound continues to pick up passengers at every stop until it’s a rich tapestry of cosmic groove.

The vocals have a smooth and smokey aspect to them, it’s a distinct and unique kind of crooning that keeps the awe of the professional belter as well as the jazz club cool of the Tom Waits crowd. Lyrically, it’s suitably abstract while also being very bluntly literal. It has a poetic flair but it connects it together with very real and simple storytelling. Ultimately it tracks the maturation and evolution of love.

At just before the 2 minute mark it all comes together with chorus, echo, harmonies, and the climax of the build throughout the song. It’s at this point that you can truly appreciate just how intricate the track, a reaction that most often manifests in involuntarily leaping up from your chair to cut some seriously jagged shapes on the dancefloor of your bedroom.

As an introduction to the band Supertaste have definitely served up something that is enticing and exciting. It’s a sound that it is very easy to lose yourself completely in. Gorgeous song writing with the right amount of soul and sassy single footed spin into leg kick flourishing. This isn’t your middle school disco anthem, it’s your 60th birthday first dance after your body regenesis surgery on the moon.

Words by Matt Miles

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