New Music – Slave Dog ‘Picture Perfect’

Slave Dog aren’t looking to take it easy on the listener. Picture Perfect explodes with all the force of an atom bomb. Lyrics forceful enough to topple cities riding apocalyptic with impressive vocal velocity over gargantuan riffs.

From the outset the guitar leads in with a jerking spasmodic refrain that quickly spirals into a chaotic frenzy.

No section lingers too long and the track is short lived rocking out at just under a minute and a half. But what they achieve in such a short time cuts deep enough to leave a mark and impressive scarring that sticks in the memory.

It has a punk backbone with a frenetic metal energy. Heavily reminds of System Of A Down in the delivery of the vocals reaching a fever pitch of passion, power, and poetry.

Taken from the album The Pressure this is the second single and an epic introduction to a band looking to make a lot of noise.

The track is based around the saying that all things must come to an end. A truth easily forgotten as we spend time obsessing and focusing on folly and frolics. Enjoy it while you can folks, who knows what tomorrow brings.

Words by Matt Miles

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