New Music – Plaster Of Paris ‘Danceflaw’

Danceflaw saunters in with an addictive and confident groove to cut a mean shape on the dance floor. Gorgeous vocals jiggle merrily with a slight spooky vibe that adds an interesting contrast.

An anthem that celebrates the queer spaces and family that provided the band the security and comfort necessary to grow and evolve their sound.

Lyrically it packs a powerful post-punk punch, made all the more potent with the passionate delivery. It has an intoxicating boogie while also delivering an important message with a political drive.

Sitting pretty in the centre of the track is a wailing saxophone solo that lifts the entire song into the sonsiphere. It merges beautifully into the raw and pure sound of the disco punk bedrock to create a monumental sound that tickles the clouds.

As the opening track on the band’s debut LP Lost Familiar the track introduces the punky trio as a ferocious force. It’s a unique sound that lingers in the memory.

Words by Matt Miles

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