New Music – Shelf Lives ‘Mark Twain’

Fierce and unapologetically authentic, ‘Mark Twain’ is effortlessly cool and buzzing with a punk frequency and melodic pop energy.

The track sinks its teeth into your flesh from the first chord and refuses to let go, the angelic choir of the humming vocal refrain creates a sumptuous bed that the fizzling fuzzy power of the dirty guitars tear asunder.

The layering and production create a beautiful dissonance. It is filthy and yet pristinely clean, dark but with dazzling luminescence, ferocious but vulnerable.

Lyrically the song dances with the concept of authenticity and how hard it is to express your true thoughts and feelings. Referencing Mark Twain, the unfortunate and painful realisation is that amongst this confusion perhaps just numb unemotional existence is easiest.

There are some dagger sharp lyrical lines that stab into your gut as deep as your head and they pierce all the more viciously with the power of the fiery fury of the instrumentation underneath.

With its barbed hooks and sharp lyricism this is music that will leave you battered, bruised, and bleeding. The soundscape is viciously charged with a buzzing resonance that vibrates the very core of you.

It’s incredibly emotive music with a true wit and honesty in the poetry of the pen. All this is all the more powerful owing to the dark disco groove at its heart.

Words by Matt Miles.

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