New Music – Max Feinstein ‘Borderlines’

Crafted chaos that prickles at the skin, this is an epic soundscape that is every bit as complex, vulnerable, creative, and honest as the masterful musician that moulded it.

Max Feinstein is a hemophiliac and a fierce advocate for speaking out about his condition and making it more well known and easier to deal with for others like him with rare blood conditions.

He throws everything he has into his musical mission and the passion and heart makes the thunderous beat pounding at the centre of it.

The soundscape is made from frenzied and frenetic guitar work that is ravishingly emotive. Every lick and riff sits perfectly in place.

It has that jazzy experimental and creative flair that makes it feel like the song could easily follow fanciful flurries and take a slightly different path every time it’s played but this doesn’t take anything away from the masterful skill that drives every riff.

Lyrically it is poetic but with concrete imagery and blood spilling honesty that provides a deep insight into the world that Feinstein exists in.

This is a truly unique voice, that dances in the darkness and the light of the world it exists in.

Follow Max Feinstein on Instagram if you want to learn more about hemophilia and keep up to date with new releases.

Words by Matt Miles.

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