New Music – River ‘Dance In The Darkness’

With a hook so sharp and a beat so strong it could guide you home blindfolded, ‘Dance In The Darkness‘ is a track that feels like an old friend.

While it may play with minor chords and some more bittersweet, subtle, or soft sound scaping it has this surging hope and joy at the core of it that is soul nourishing.

It’s nuanced song writing that doesn’t hold your hand but welcomes you along for the journey.

It begins with the thudding heartbeat of the drums. This is soon joined by a washing wave of synths that whisper the tender melody of the track.

This build continues to gain momentum until the cathartic and energetic release of the chorus, which acts as a celebration of all that came before.

Lyrically the song is about how precious, special, and powerful the connection of a long distance relationship can be.

Instead of wallowing in the misery of their absence instead it looks forward to the unbridled bliss of reconnecting physically, while not overlooking the beauty that can take place while apart.

Words by Matt Miles

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