New Music – Chie & King Bracket ‘In The Box’ / ’27th’

Filthier than rutting in the mud with your mates sister, Chie & King Bracket serve up crunchy snail shell underfoot beats and slime soaked lyrics and flow.

The song spits rapid fire multisyllabic schemes that paint a vivid image of a crew so far outside the box they’re riding beer can rocket ships into space just so they can piss back down into it.

The flow is weird and wonky but rides the beat effortlessly smooth. Deep and croaky it’s like Tom Waits came to England picked up a regional accent and got into boom bap beats and the UK hip hop scene.

The beat is crisp as a Granny Smith, fusing an old school groove with putrid green face drums and a thundering bass line. It’s easy to hook into the rhythm and you soon find your head nodding on marionette strings masterfully.

Tacked on to the end of the YouTube video is another little taster from the Steezy Wonderz LP. ‘27th‘ is a little lower in tempo but bubbling like a witches pot with spooky vibes, and far out messaging.

Scurry over to Bandcamp and soak yourself the scallywag sound of Chie & Kingbracket.

Words by Matt Miles

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