New Music – Rincs ‘Henry’

What do you get when a group of LA based indie weirdos listen to too much of the Henry Rollins radio show every Sunday? Well, a furious little punk infused love ballad to the man and the myth that has a ridiculous jazzy little drum bridge sitting very pretty in the middle. It’s frantic, it’s frenzied, it’s fun, and it’s filled with infectious energy.

I love stories like this, Rincs asked themselves if they could make a track that would sound good played out on the Henry Rollins show… and they did. It’s riotously fun and the chorus literally spelling out the name of the songs inspiration and namesake is just the icing on the cake.

Even if Sir Henry Rollins never hears this song, its inception and existence is thanks to him and his passionate and intellectual punk legacy. Rincs are right to idolise both him and the radio show he runs, it’s a beautiful platform for music and I would personally champion this songs inclusion on it.

The drums on the track are absolutely nuts. They pound powerfully underneath the song but it’s in the bridge that their raw and pure true force is realised and it’s a technical masterpiece that draws the listener into the whirlwind and spits them out still dizzy.

The sugar sweet vocals fit perfectly over this punkier sound and it provides a glorious juxtaposition. The guitar has a gorgeous tone strumming out this almost ska like summery little rhythm that grounds the verses and then just freaks out in the choruses along with the robotic punk push of the repetition of the letters of Henry Rollins name.

The song is nuts, in the best possible way. It’s a band not afraid to experiment and when you’re willing to push yourself outside of your comfort zone like this it normally speaks volumes of your comfort and skill as a group. The song serves up something outside of the bands usual sound but also outside of any constructed box of genre or style that exists.

Henry Rollins, give these guys some play time man. We’re joining the campaign.

Words by Matt Miles

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