New Music – Gabrielle Ornate ‘Waiting To Be Found’

With a sumptuous and sexy summery vibe, ‘Waiting To Be Found’ is a song and a soundtrack that pulses with an energy that is delightfully infectious. The track wiggles and bends finding a rhythm in its search for answers to the poetic and profound questions that form the constellations shining brightly at its dazzling core.

Lyrically Gabrielle Ornate isn’t content to peddle the superficial and simple concepts usually found in other songs of the genre. While the track has a strong electronic pop influence the message at its heart moves away from the dancefloor and into the heart, mind, and soul. It actually marries incredibly well and the songs groove takes on a much more powerful charge thanks to this breath of fresh air in the song crafting.

It begins softly with the pulsing of electronica in the Blade Runner synth wave vein. The drums provide a crackling lightning rod that the building energy of the synths and sparkling soundscape is drawn into. When it comes time for the chorus to drop the storm it is released in a dynamic and dazzling display. After the first chorus the track is sparking with new sounds and jolts of static in the background.

The production is masterfully done with the song layering up and evolving over the course of its run time with new flexes being introduced and weaving effortlessly into the fabric of the track. For those with the ear or the patience it is a rich and full sound that rewards the listener for taking the time to pick apart the stiching.

Gabrielle Ornate makes music that will move you, not just in terms of its rambunctious rhythm but also in its intelligent song writing and soulful lyricism. It’s heart is the dancefloor, but its soul is something a little more cosmic, and the colourful dance of the aurora borealis as the two collide makes for a spellbinding light show.

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Words by Matt Miles

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