Track Of The Day – Raised On TV ‘Steal My Heart Away’

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Raised On TV only recently graced the webpages of Yack! Magazine with their previous single ‘Smog City’. Now the L.A. based trio give us another slice of their upcoming second album ‘Season 2’ in the form of ‘Steal My Heart Away’ – the third single from the band’s time recording at Dave Grohl’s 606 Studio. The band have been picking up plaudits across all their releases and are starting to build the kind of heat that they so readily deserve.

‘Steal My Heart Away’ brings through a surf infused, high energy rock song that not only was recorded at Dave Grohl’s studio but also sounds like the man himself had a large influence on this band. As melodic as early Foo’s album, as well as hints of the energetic riffs that are so commonly associated with more recent pop-punk acts such My Chemical Romance or The Offspring. Another stellar release from a band that commands more and more attention with every listen.

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