New Music – Mob Dylan ‘Lions In The Playground’

This is filthy, it’s fresh, and it’s ferocious. If this is the shape of the scene to come in the wake of groups like Run The Jewels there is about to be a rap renaissance.

Lyrically; it’s passion fuelled, pouring gasoline on open wounds to spark a burning fire. There isn’t much poetry to it, but it packs a knuckle duster punch.

There is scope for maturation in terms of the lyric writing and political messaging. It tackles pretty big themes and waves the battlecry standard of highly charged punk politics in the same vein as RATM. Yet it relies on a few too many clichés and already trodden comparisons.

You don’t need to be particularly profound though when your call to arms is a massive middle finger to the NRA. Fuck the NRA, all day, every day.

The sound and the energy of this track is pure electric. There’s an almost old school blues feel to the humming that begins the track and then when it switches to that blown speaker bass it’s gigawatts straight into the circulatory system.

At the 1:50 mark the song takes a little break and showcases a softer and more melodic side to the sound. It’s unexpected and allows the fiery upbeat come back even hotter.

At the time of writing this new project hasn’t blown up yet, but we fully expect it to. Booming beats and fanged aggression on the mic. It’s dark and dirty and we fucking love it.

Words by Matt Miles

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