New Music – Joe Devine ‘Too Far Gone’

Joe Devine has clearly tapped into something heavenly, from the very first second ‘Too Far Gone‘ introduces a richly atmospheric sound that is so tightly interwoven it would be nearly impossible to pick apart all the threads.

As the song builds and shows off the different sides of this multi-faceted sound each one glistens all the more beautifully. It’s dazzling like a diamond in the sun, in the geometrics of it’s raw shape and in the way that as it turns light refracts through each to cast a new colouring to the whole.

There is elements of jazz, folk, prog, desert rock, and noise rock, all mingling together to create something undefinable. It is enough to make a reviewer stop in awe to admire the sheer sacred sonics of it, and forget that they might actually have to put words on paper that dare to try and do it justice.

The opening refrain has a tickling guitar at the forefront of the sound, but even then there is a backdrop and build that casts the shadow of what’s to come. When the wave of the first rush breaks it allows a softer more considered guitar to really soar. Underlying all of this is an absolute beast of a bass riff that isn’t obnoxious enough to deliberately dominate but when tuned into, does just that.

The bass run leading into the bottom of the song dropping out for that weightless second so that the chorus can kick in with due righteous fury is a standout.

The chorus or main refrain is absolutely monstrous, it reaches into the clouds themselves to strike with lightning bolt power. The guitars are the star of the show here wiggling out an electricity that could shock even the most deadened heart back to life.

As the first chorus subsides and we wade into the deeper waters of a breakdown that allows the song to take us on a shamanic journey. The drums have been busy pounding out the raw energy the track uses to crumble mountains and turn them into monolithic monuments carved in sound. In this breakdown the drums get the chance to play to their own beat and it’s a summoning of the spirits from the earth itself.

The evolution of the song throughout is a true thing of beauty. Each section hits a little harder than the one before and if this an indication of what Joe Devine can do, the dedication to crafting of a cohesive whole of this level implies that the debut EP is going to be divine indeed.

The devil must have an extra soul for his collection. This is witchcraft or wizardry.

Purchase the debut EP One Foot Forward on bandcamp.

Words by Matt Miles

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