New Music – Max Barskih ‘Just Fly’

Pop music at its best is about spreading joy and infectious rhythms that coax the listener uncontrollably toward the dance floor. ‘Just Fly’ does precisely that, every note, lyric, and gorgeous vocal line perfectly designed to positively ooze with good vibes and infectious smiles.

Max Barskih is an artist with a truly unique voice. In this track he shows off the bottom of his range which is something rarely done in pop music but as he effortlessly and expertly navigates back up to his upper end you can see the passion and skill that goes into every song. He chews on the melodies like a dog with a bone, ecstatically salivating over every last bit of flavour that he can get.

The track begins with the snap and crack of a simple clap backed up with a vintage acapella chorus line. As the other instrumentation slowly melds into the soundscape it does so subtly enough not to distract but with each adding another delicious layer to the sound.

Lyrically the song is every bit as positive as the major chords that make up the music. It speaks of unity, brighter tomorrows, and belief in every day being a kaleidoscopically technicolour movie scene.

There are breaks where the song takes a breather but even in these there is gorgeous vocal work coming from the chorus line. When the song re-joins for the chorus it comes back bigger and better than before.

This is an artist that knows his sound and his mission statement. He already has a truly huge fanbase and audience and now is content to continue making music that he can be proud of. It speaks volumes of his confidence and skill and is an exciting taster of the album to come.

Words by Matt Miles

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