New Music – Margot ‘Coffee Stained Scars’

New Margot Press



The new track from Margot is a laid-back beauty. Crisp and crafted with love, ‘Coffee Stained Scars’ follows on from a host of similarly delightful singles that have been drip-fed throughout 2018 and have slowly seen the band become masters of their hazy, insular guitar lead dream-pop.

A platform for vocalist Alex Hannaway to express his personal thoughts, derived from his own social experiences and engagement with politics, the inspiration for ‘Coffee Stained Scars’ was born  from a scene in Greta Gerwig’s coming of age film Lady Bird–in which a mother’s drive between work and home is the only time in her day when she’s not serving others, creating a time of contemplation.

“‘Coffee Stain Scars’ is a middle-aged man’s wet-traffic-ridden journey, and his partners anxiety regarding his mental fortitude.” explains Alex “I’ve had experience with adults of that age stoically withholding information in regards to their mental health and I’ve seen how this can affect friends and family. It’s desperation, it’s unconditional love, and a hope that things can turn around.”


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