New Music – Lysne ‘Skallebank’

Cooking up red hot riffs that leave an old school branding seared into the listeners flesh Lysne is a one-man pop-punk machine.

While it might not be in my native language the energy and vibe of Skallebank is easily translated.

The guitars, drums, and vocals are a universal language and it buzzes like bloody knees from bailing off a skateboard, and screams like the headache the morning after.

The song has that effortlessly simple style made infamous by The Ramones, it uses this as a base to build the sound though. There are solos, breaks, and delicious little drum fills aplenty.

While it clearly has a deep respect and understanding of what came before, this is music that looks forward.

Lysne mixes that timeless classic punk rock sound with more modern elements that make it hum with a vibrant new shocking electricity.

Words by Matt Miles

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