New Music – Hot Mustard ‘Window Seat’

Like the specifically beautiful tone on an old record player Hot Mustard cook up soundscapes that bubble over with retro appeal but serve up something seriously fresh and delicious at the same time. It’s spicy but it leaves a lip tingling sensation that lingers much longer than the song itself.

Window Seat‘ begins with this funky little bass tickle that is driven into the very core of you on the tip of the jazzy drumstick rhythm. This soundscape continues to build soon being joined by the brass and keys that make up the meat of the meal.

The music video that accompanies the track is a work of art in itself and perfectly displays the slightly off-kilter timeless beauty of the music. It reads like a poetry capturing the flutter of a butterflies wing and turning it into the soul of the music.

The track constantly evolves over the course of its duration, never settling for too long in any one place. The sound builds, ebbs and flows, it’s unpredictable and completely captivating to lose yourself in the dance.

This is music with a great deal of passion and talent at the steering wheel. It tapes into a primordial resonance in the very core of you and vibrates with a frequency that is deliciously pure. If you need to chuck something on to raise a smile this should be a go-to.

Words by Matt Miles

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