New Music – Law Of All ‘Pushit!’

Law Of All crash into your consciousness at lightspeed with new track ‘Pushit!’. It starts out like a space rock Muse tribute band and then kicks it into turbo drive with the alarm siren of a chorus pushing any speakers limit to the max.

The epic soundscape the band create is filled with delicious instrumentation. From start to finish you can dial in your ear radar to jump from one band member to the next and be sure of a uniquely beautiful surprise each time. The production is phenomenal but this track in particular has this curious phaser/blown out speaker fuzz to the sound that just amplifies the feeling of the song.

The only thing more filthy than the soundscape of this monstrous track are the lyrics. The song cheekily saunters up to the listener to speak pretty candidly about its stance on one night stands. You can see the singer winking at you from the bar and inviting you over and to be honest it’s hard to resist.

It all comes together in a sound that is as tight as the leather pants it no doubt comes dressed in. It has the raw power of old school rock’n’roll, the swagger of a first chair violinist in the Philharmonic orchestra, and the eye to experiment with the sound sending this ballsy combination on a rocket ship straight to the moon.

It definitely wears its influences on a tattooed sleeve. You can Royal Blood in the sweat exploding off the frantic drums. You can hear Queens Of The Stone Age in the granite stone heft of it. It’s a sound entirely it’s own though and not afraid to dive into proggier territory either.

The breakdown at around the 2 minute mark is pure orgasmic bliss. For a song so openly candid about it’s designs on sharing a bed with you this is the moment when all the talk and flirtation is done and it just gets down to the pure unholy smut of it. It’s an audial explosion, every instrument spinning in a frantic dance around the strip pole. It’s erotic, it’s exotic, it’s sexy as fuck. Put it in your ears.

Words by Matt Miles

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