New Music – Lantern By Sea ‘The Deep End’

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You may remember Utah based Lantern By Sea from our coverage of their last single ‘Secondhand Church’. The band now come through with another alt rock gem ‘The Deep End’ . Over the course of the last couple of years the band have been building a strong fan base from US to the Netherlands and there’s no wonder really when they keep producing masterfully written, polished material like ‘The Deep End’.

Again the band channel the likes of Manchester Orchestra quite heavily. The vocal tone mimics that of Andy Hull without being a copy cat which gives the track an element of familiarity about it. Like Manchester Orchestra the guitars are deep and heavy and really go a long way to set the tone of the track, whilst the vocal melodies take centre stage. ‘The Deep End’ is a huge and atmospheric track that is dark and brooding with expert craftsmanship coming right to the fore.

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