New Music – Hernandez ‘Magical Sad News’




Hernandez are a young indie rock band from Oslo Norway, and the more post and submissions we keep getting through the more incredible talent we keep finding coming out of this city. ‘Magical Sad News’ is the second single from the band and what a superb follow up it is too. Taking influence from the likes of King Mac and fellow countryman Boy Pablo and these dreamy, laid backs vibes are there for all to see.

‘Magical Sad News’ is bouncy little gem, it’s sparkling tones are 100% smile inducing. Nothing about this track feels dark, despite its title, the beats are uptempo and create a special kind of groove that is nicely encapsulated in the vocal melodies and just washes the track in a wave of happiness. This belongs on every BBQ playlist this summer, its breezy and bright whilst containing the kind of energy that keeps everyone moving.

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