New Music – Helenor ‘Wasteful’




‘Wasteful’ is the fourth single from the Boston based singer songwriter Helenor. Following on from some magnificent recent releases Helenor looks set for their upcoming debut album release at the end of August and explains the new single; “This song is about throwing away food. More so, ‘Wasteful’ is about not fully appreciating the people or things around you.” 

With glittering guitars and solid yet relaxed drums leading the way, Helenor’s new single walks the line between the chilled sounds of lo-fi rock and something a little more poppy. Despite the relatively slow tempo the track still has a certain bouncing energy to it, as well as dreamy, wavy synths that create this beautiful, bright contrast. ‘Wasteful’ will be part of the ‘Something Twice’ album release which is available to pre-order on limited edition vinyl now.

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