New Music – Hallan ‘Do You Think I’m Pretty?’




Hallan are a young four piece who have risen out of what they describe as the ‘sludge’ of Portsmouth – Who are we to disagree with that appraisal of the city? Constantly shifting and never keeping themselves in the same place for too long, the band are continually trying to break new ground with their music and new single ‘Do You Think I’m Pretty?’ is another snarling alt rock tune that is full of attitude.

Fast paced and full of chunky riffs from the outset, Hallan immediately create a feeling of punk mixed with the melodic styling of 80s alt. From the vocals to the production it feels like Hallan may have been born a few decades too late, however their brand of high power, impassioned rock n roll still holds a contemporary edge enough for the band to seamlessly blend into the nostalgic rock movement coming from London and the South East.

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