New Music – Forever X2 ‘Mad For Me’

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You may remember L.A. based artist Forever X2 from one of our previous features on the artist. Real name Peter Verdell, Forever X2 is continually blending deep electronic influence with indie and alternative elements to his music. Just four songs into his career, Forever X2 is quickly defining his signature sound with energetic choruses and and soaring vocals.

New single ‘Mad For Me’ takes on a more alternative pop sound, channelling the feeling of early 00s pop-punk through choruses, whilst maintaining the indie and electro inflections that are found throughout his work to date. The vocals walk the line between angst ridden punk and more melodic, poppier tones, coming together to create a rather pleasing concoction of styles.

Speaking on the track; “‘Mad for Me’ is about an all-consuming relationship I was in; it was kind of obnoxious but also kinda beautiful. I don’t know if these kinds of loves ever last long, but I think you gotta ride the highs when you get them. Musically, this song is scrappy as hell. I love the bass groove…I love the guitar solo in the bridge…it’s pure fun.”

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