New Music – Faron Sage ‘Discontent’

The world is strange and frustrating place, it’s a dissonant mess, a fuzzy scream of static that prickles against our sanity. ‘Discontent’ captures this mood and channels it into a surprisingly upbeat anthem of resistance. Slicing through the airwaves with cutting lyricism and boundless energy, Faron Sage reaches out of the digital realm to rally the likeminded into action.

The track itself begins with the chanting refrain of a list of discontent. This is backed by a spooky bass bed from the keys. The song has this slightly unhinged off-kilter feel to it that matches the mood of the lyrics. Sage takes shots at both the cause and effect of this discontent disconnect in the general populace.

It has the energy of punk but the instrumentation is more electronic and has an almost ska like skank in the rhythm of the organ. The vocal delivery lands somewhere between the gut punch holler of punk and the measured and thoughtful melody of spoken word poetry.

The song picks up speed and fervency as it builds. The instrumentation gradually becomes fuller and much more frenetic but it combines nicely and provides a very rich and full soundscape. In the middle is a nice little break as Sage is driven to a break and the music becomes much more angelic as he provides the cures instead of the ills with a much more positive spin.

This is music with a message, it has something to say, it’s not happy to just point fingers but provides a solution as well. If music is medicine then Faron Sage has a PHD, it’s intelligent, well crafted, and incredibly enjoyable to listen to.

Words By Matt Miles

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