New Music – Constellation Prize ‘Chase That High’

If you’re looking to chase some seriously sunny summer vibes then the new Constellation Prize single is the perfect soundtrack. Filled with gorgeous synth grooves, beautiful vocals, and addictive hooks, it’s a delicious morning or dusk trip through warm breezes and star filled skies.

The song begins with the wiggling electricity of the keys, it has this whip crack quality as it pulses through the middle of the track with an easy breezy call and response. It’s joined by the stomping clap-along rhythm of the drums which provide an excellent bed for the rest of the song to bounce against.

The lyrics focus skyward, calling for the listener to look up and appreciate the cosmic beauty of the infinite. Whether morning, noon, dusk, or night, the sky provides a beautiful backdrop for those with the eyes to look to marvel in. It paints a picture that lets the rest of the world and its distractions melt away, while you focus on a significant other, drinking in the present.

Constellation Prize work together electronically, only have met in person a handful of times. The band prove just how far you can go through passion, communication, and a decent internet connection. The fact that the music and vocals match up so beautifully is testament to their communication and drive.

The track is an easy addition to any summertime playlist and we expect it to get some decent radio play from any radio station with a love for that synthy sound.

Words By Matt Miles.

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