New Music – Fake Turins ‘Down!’

As the track begins you can see it clicking its fingers and twirling around in tight little pirouettes leading into sideways shuffles and head flicks, as it slowly saunters up to you.

It establishes itself on the dancefloor of the mind so when the very poetic and matter of fact vocals come into your ears snap to attention.

The lyricism and theme of the song is much more powerful and potent than the subtle groove of the instrumentation may imply.

It’s a brutally honest insight into depression and the different reasons and ways that mental health issues present. It is kind but also knowingly fun in a way. In celebrating the absurdity of life, you see it at its most beautiful.

The actual music is gorgeous, funky little grooves wiggling perfectly at different times sending electric waves out over the dancefloor.

The reed section is the star of the show with a subtle building call to arms that evolves over the course of the song and provides its most ear worming refrain.

‘Down!’ doesn’t exhaust itself too early, instead it builds upon itself before finally exploding in a chorus of voices all shouting in unity their own reasons for feeling down.

The band have been building a reputation for being a must see live act, I would buy a ticket to see the energy build of this song alone.

Words by Matt Miles

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