New Music – Enso-Stranger ‘Fool For You’

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Enso-Stranger is the moniker of versatile singer/songwriter and rapper from Central Florida. With wide ranging influences from Kid Cudi to Panic! At The Disco Enso prides himself on creating music where no two songs sound the same. Having put out a slew of new material recently as well as a debut full length album last year, the young artist now comes through with his 80s infused ‘Fool For You’.

With a vocal reminiscent of The Cure’s Robert Smith and retro tinged synths, the new single from Enso-Stranger is a little different to what you might expect from the Floridian rapper. The mood is set by crisp, swaying guitars and Sunset Boulevard-esque tones that leave a deep, almost moody mark on the track. Despite this ‘Fool For You’ is undoubtably pop, but with sublime indie overtones.

Speaking on the track “In most instances, finding love is such a joyous event, but sometimes, our own insecurities get the best of us, and we have a hard time accepting our vulnerabilities. The lyrics in the chorus accurately depicts my inner dichotomy of being both so stupidly in love with someone, yet being stuck in denial in fear of, well, looking like a fool. ”


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