New Music – Drunk Mums ‘Phantom Limb’



LEATHER JACKETS! Melbourne rockers Drunk Mums have returned with their take on raucous brand of punk rock via their latest single ‘Phantom Limb’. The track is part of their  brand new album ‘Urban Cowboy’, a perfect example of Drunk Mums’ new output: catchy, frenzied and steeped in rich riffs and grit. It also doesn’t sound anything like my Mum when she’s off her face, but I guess that’s not what the guys are going for here.

Having built a reputation over the years for their rowdy live shows and an impressive ability for riling up their audiences with straight-to-the-heart punches of percussion and dirty guitar riffs, it’s no surprise that once you do a Drunk Mums show, you can’t turn back. – So when do they grace the shores of the UK? I simply don’t have the answers but be sure that when they do we’ll be there.

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