New Music – Down For Tomorrow ‘Thanks To You’

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Aussie alt rockers Down For Tomorrow return with the title track from the upcoming ‘Thanks To You’ EP that is set to be released on June 7th. The band have been building a really strong fan base with thanks to praise from the likes of Triple J and a whole heap of online tastemakers. There heavier leaning sound does transcend genres and allows the rawer alt side of their sound to be really accessible to fans that like something a little cleaner.

The new track has all the good parts of so many genres rolled into one. It has that pop punk feeling but with a little more grit and a little less polished, giving the track an added level of bite. The choruses hit hard with powerful and aggression and encapsulate the passion and energy that goes into to writing a song of this nature. Overall ‘Thanks To You’ is a massive sound and it is exemplified in the band’s ability to write music that takes so much from their eclectic influences. This one is a banger.

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