New Music – djagwire ‘Move Over, Chum’




djagwire is the solo project formed from the ashes of Pearl and the Beard, hailing from Brooklyn the artist takes a fairly enigmatic approach to releasing new music. Beyond this and a few releases dotted over the last few years there is relatively little to be known. Now this isn’t always a bad thing as often it really allows the music to do the talking, so lets not get bogged down with facts and figures let’s get to the track.

New single ‘Move Over, Chum’ comes from the double ‘PaperCop’ release and is a moody, chugging song. The vocal is deep and creates a darker atmosphere through the verse, ultimately we find absolute contrast in the choruses however the two fit together perfectly. At times it is reminiscent of Eagles of Death Metal, at others a more melodic Iggy Pop, but whatever familiarity you find in this song allows it to take on a different feeling in almost every listen.

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