New Music – Die! Chihuahua Die! ‘No Swayze, No Wayze’




Nearly a decade has passed since Die! Chihuahua Die! released their debut album, but now the Cardiff based punks return to pick up where they left off with their latest single ‘No Swayze, No Wayze’ coming from their new EP ‘Lead Slag’. With a string of live dates to follow the release, the band will surely be tearing their name into the ear of fans across the UK and beyond.

The new single absolutely rips, it opens with a brooding sense of whats to come with muted guitars chugging away and then…bang. The vocals are erratic and raw and the passion just feeds into the DIY punk aesthetic. The guitars steam through like an 80s rock powerhouse, whilst the drums pound a solid energy into the track. If the band carry this kind of enthusiasm into their live performance, then you’ll be in for a sweaty treat.

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