New Music – Daybreaker ‘All The Hell’




Here is the first track from US based Daybreaker’s upcoming EP. A profilic name on their local live circuit the band are creating, what they describe in their own words as“music that speaks to the views of wide awake and socially conscious individuals. Together they make aggressive alternative rock for the greater good of humanity.”

Let’s get straight to it. The new single ‘All The Hell’ is a powerful heavy rock track with guitars that punch their way through the track with a certain, confident swagger about them. The guitars know exactly what they are doing, creating a beast-like platform for a huge vocal to saunter across delivering Daybreaker’s message. There is an almost ballad-esque quality about ‘All The Hell’ but its fist-clenching aggression pulls it into a darker domain. Look forward to the new EP it will sound BIG.

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