New Music – Broken Baby ‘Meat Week’




Broken Baby are a punk duo from L.A. who have been cultivating a loyal fan base in their hometown through a host of live shows on the local circuit. With plans for a number of support tours and new material in the making the pair now release their latest single ‘Meat Week’. Having released their debut album last year the band have been picking up a host of praise online for their brand of off-kilter post punk rock.

The latest offering is deeply rooted in frenetic punk rock, it’s fast and in your face with powerful uptempo riffs driving the track from the outset. ‘Meat Week’ brings through the band’s lyrical  wit with a bold statement taking down sexual violence, malignant misogyny, and right wing fanaticism. There are also moments within the song that hint at math rock influence with bridges full of raucous drums and dissonant guitar licks. A striking single from a band that will only grow into 2019.

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