New Music – Bad Static ‘Freak’

Fuzzy guitars growl out a feral and ferocious noise with a slightly psychedelic twist. While the female gang vocals snarl a sharp and snappy message over the top.

We reviewed ‘Peach‘ by Bad Static a while back, with ‘Freak’ the band continue to punch out the same poetic punk sound with just as much meaning to the message and righteous anger in the sound.

It’s a breath of fresh air to hear music so unapologetic and combative, it plants two high heeled feet in the sand and won’t be budged.

Distorted and devilishly dangerous, the riffs are menacing and monstrous. Layered on top is this alarm bell psychedelic wailing make full use of the whammy bar.

The vocals punch through the noise with the typical riot grrl emotive passion and heart, teetering from wail to rebel yell with a great deal of energy. When the gang vocals come in to push the chorus it has this great sense of comradery and force.

Lyrically it flips the script on the mainstream double standard regarding promiscuity in men and women. It is a song about freedom, respect, and making a good sleazy fuck better for everyone involved.

This is a young band with a pulsing passion and power that have teethed their fangs during the global pandemic. As things begin to open up again we can’t wait to see them exploding onto the stage and pushing their sound to the next level.

Bad Static are planning to release their debut EP Cherry Cyanide in the late fall. Follow their Bandcamp to stay up to date.

Words by Matt Miles

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