New Music – A Place To Bury Strangers ‘Playing The Part’

The loudest band in New York quieten the decibels for just long enough to show off the more emotive and soulful sound that beats its heartbeat through their signature distorted fuzz.

Playing The Part‘ shows off a softer and much sweeter side of the band than any we’ve seen before. It sits pretty in the middle of their debut EP Hologram on their own label Dedstrange.

It begins with a whirling guitar lick that has this crisp clean tone that sings with a serene subtlety that is unexpected and arresting. The bass bubbles underneath and the drums tickle the outer edges.

When the vocals come in they are again much cleaner, clearer, and higher in the mix than we are used to with APTBS. With this clarity of sound you can hear the passion and crooning sincerity that captivates even from within the maelstrom of their usual racaous noise.

The lyrics are coloured with much more positive tones painting a vivid picture of brighter days ahead. Instead of the usual hazy fog of distortion and buzzing potential energy this track is a breath of fresh air with its message, music, and breezy clean feeling.

In the tracks final throws they chuck in a quick instrumental outro with a luscious winding solo riff that completely captures the mood of everything that came before.

Whether this is a band saying ‘see, we can do it straight’ or just a moment of calm in amongst the beautiful chaos of their usual feral caterwauling, it provides a unique insight into the recipe that makes everything this legendary band do taste so good.

Words by Matt Miles

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