New Music – Baby In The 90s ‘Marriage’




American based trio Baby In The 90s emerge with their latest track ‘Marriage’, another offering in their mission to explore the uses of dynamics in their music. Taking influence from the likes of Yack! favourites Manchester Orchestra and As Cities Burn, the band fill their latest single with the kind of pro songwriting ability that you would hear from either of these bands. Baby In The 90s’ sound is far more established than their size suggests.

The new track feels like an early Manchester Orchestra track, coupled with a more modern alt rock edge. The use of dynamic is apparent and the ups and downs in volume and fullness allows ‘Marriage’ to intrigue and excite you as the listener. There are also subtle uses of the instrumentation that add just another little layer of interest to the track, pulling the dynamic from the ‘wall of noise’ style to something far more sophisticated.

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